Bambu Cafe

We are here to fuel your body and your mind.

Bambu Cafe is designed to be your pre or post-workout fueling station, providing you the foundations to pair your healthy lifestyle with the correct nourishment.

To us food isn’t just food. Good nutrition is a way to increase energy levels, sharpen mental clarity, improve your mood, with an aim to better your health and overall well being. We are here to give you the feed you need.

Think carbs, crunch, fibre and fuel. Our menu has an array of sweet and savory treats ranging from Eggy Banana French Toast to Masala Scrambled Tofu. You can build your own meal using hand picked ingredients or choose one of our signature dishes such as our go to post work out Dory Bowl. Yum. P.s. All of our food is cooked in gut friendly coconut and olive oil.

We're open from 6.30am every day, so swing by and drop in for your early morning coffee fix, or even start your very own community coffee club. We have chilled premixed pre-workout in the fridge, ready and waiting for you to kickstart your sweat session and help boost your morning mood.

Bambu Cafe is proud to support local farmers here on the island, using the best produced ingredients which is fresh and locally sourced. You can’t say we aren’t trying to feed you right…

Take a look at our menu HERE!